Sacred / exhibit space

The entire, unnerving experience of the path, or the state in which the creator is found when unable to create, ends here. It is time to change the space, from the private space of creation to the exhibit space.

Sacred spaces. The spaces to think are: the cave (the initiation and the sacred), the Hospital of the Holy Charity of Seville and the exhibition space. The cave was the pretext for taking a path of initiation, or the erratic and permanent path of the artist. Going to the Hospital of the Holy Charity of Seville is also understood as a path of initiation, in this case juxtaposed with two paintings by Valdés Leal and the spaces in which they are installed: "finis gloriae mundi" - "in ictu oculi" and the two triptychs painted by Quico Estivill, which set out to replicate the Sevillian painter's work in an attempt to sanctify the exhibition space.
"Two triptychs"
oil on aluminum, 100 x 100 cm
"Valdés Leal"
Hospital de la Santa Caridad, Sevilla