Ab intra

In the shabby excremental republic the sacrifice is absolute, total emigration, unceasing vigilance; Everything is black oppression. The years pass between narrow darkness. All are slaves and almost all blind. No one, except the victims of great genital madness, rises to the surface of the ground, nor glimpses the horizon nor the light of day. Everything happens from end to end, in an eternal shadow.

The life of termites, Maurice Maeterlinck

Ab Intra - in dark and without images

Installation Ab Intra is a project started in 2013 by a chain of events that affected whoever is speaking: An eviction by danger of sinking a building devoured by termites, a displacement, a wandering, termites in a cave , A labyrinthine cave below a village, a sanctuary cave, an initiatory transit and a carbide lamp to illuminate the traffic.

Quico Estivill
Quico Estivill
Ab Intra, Casa de Cultura, Girona
Biennale of Girona