Ab dicens (ambrotypes)
Collaboration with the poet Victor Sunyol

I suggested Victor take part in this project, as "The Word" was necessary — and his were essential and necessary — and I was convinced of it after all I had read of him.
Victor created "Ab dicens" after seeing the installation of ambrotypes "Ab intra".
If I was -from within, from making, from walking-, Victor is -from saying, from writing-.

After that, I took his words and photographed them using a collodion technique, in order to best embody the poem, his response to "Ab intra".
Upon seeing the photographed poem and the image of words that fade out and repeat amongst the occurrences of light, Victor once again crafted a response to the visual work: another poem, Ab sed- From but, and so the dialogue continued... and shall continue.

-Ab dicens- (ambrotypes) forms the gateway of the exhibition, a border crossing that alerts the observer to the way ahead.
Quico Estivill
Slide-show "Ab dicens", 2016, ambrotypes at collodion, 150 cm x 209 cm
with the poet Victor Sunyol